All activities of the Freudenberg Foundation focus on responding to problems of social exclusion and lack of appreciation. And most of the time children and adolescents are the center of attention: the foundation strives to promote the social, linguistic, educational and vocational integration of the next generation. Based on our experience, this calls for a broad approach that involves the family, the environment of the children as well as the educational and vocational institutions concerned. Against this background, the Freudenberg Foundation works primarily in towns that, together with civil society, assume responsibility at the local level for the difficult task of integrating immigrant children, defending democratic culture and gaining vocational qualifications.

In its program areas, the Freudenberg Foundation responds to innovation gaps not addressed by government or municipal institutions. On the one hand, the foundation endeavors to find or develop practicable solutions based on scientific research; on the other hand, it strives to bring knowledge gained by its own experience to the attention of politics with the help of research. When practical models have proven their worth – usually in a local context – the foundation tries to ensure that such models are sustained and applied on a wider scale. However, it cannot master this task on its own; therefore, the Freudenberg Foundation, from the beginning, has always worked together with government institutions and, above all, with other foundations.