The Freudenberg Foundation, together with its partners, introduces and tests new approaches in such areas as migration/integration, youth between school and working life as well as democratic culture at selected model locations. Moreover, it invests in the continuity and dissemination of transferable approaches. Most of the practical programs focus on children and adolescents. All programs aim at social inclusion or integration.

Starting point for the foundation’s activities is always a definite necessity of action which is brought to the foundation’s attention in the course of its practical work or through reserach studies: youth with immigrant backgrounds who cannot find an apprenticeship, children from immigrant families who do poorly at school because of insufficient German language skills, young people who would like to help others in their own school environment or owners of small businesses who cannot find adequate support at the existing institutions as well as schools that want to become more involved in their community but do not have the necessary resources.

The Freudenberg Foundation, through its innovative approach and path-breaking projects, responds to gaps not addressed by government initiatives. On the one hand, it endeavors to find or develop practical applications based on scientific findings; on the other hand, it strives to bring knowledge gained from its practical experience to the attention of politics with the help of research. When practical models have proven their worth – usually in a local context – the foundation tries to ensure that such models are continued and applied on a wider scale. However, it cannot master such an immense task on its own; therefore, the Freudenberg Foundation, from the beginning, has always worked together with government or municipal institutions and, above all, with other foundations.