What first started as an initiative of private foundations has evolved into a prize for democracy that has been awarded every year since 2007. The Amadeu Antonio Foundation, the Freudenberg Foundation and the Sebastian Cobler Foundation issue the invitations to apply. A panel of judges comprising representatives of the foundations and other distinguished persons from politics, culture, the media and science review the applications. Ten projects are selected, two of which are awarded the main prizes in the amount of Euro 5,000.00 respectively and the remaining eight receive prizes of acknowledgement in the amount of Euro 1,000.00 respectively.

What are the goals?

By announcing and awarding the Saxon Award for Democracy and, accordingly, presenting exemplary practical and innovative approaches, the foundations hope to encourage civil society to continue strengthening democratic culture.

What does the Saxon Award for Democracy do?

  • It honors good practical examples and encourages initiatives with innovative approaches, which promote democratic culture in a special manner,
  • It encourages commitment to strengthen a democratic everyday culture,
  • It encourages an offensive approach to such issues as human rights and the protection of minorities, causes and consequences of anti-Semitism, right-wing extremism and racism,
  • It encourages more cooperation with schools, communities, the police, local businesses and church communities,
  • It helps companies generate an inter-company climate that ostracizes racism and discrimination.

Who is financing the Saxon Award for Democracy?

  • Freudenberg Foundation, Weinheim
  • Amadeu Antonio Foundation, Berlin
  • Sebastian Cobler Foundation, Frankfurt
  • Foundation Elemente der Begeisterung

Why is the Freudenberg Foundation supporting the Saxon Award for Democracy?

For many years, far-right groups have been systematically trying to merge their forces in Saxony, and they are generating an increasingly anti-democratic climate. Right-wing extremism has been developing and gaining a foothold here over a long period of time. As a matter of fact, in some instances structures have become established, which make it more and more difficult to stand up for the values of democracy, world openness, tolerance and respect for human rights. By supporting the Saxon Award for Democracy, the Freudenberg Foundation hopes to carry the fight against right-wing extremism in Saxony into the center of the “good society”.


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