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The European CIVIS Media Prize for Integration and Cultural Diversity is organized and awarded by the CIVIS Media Foundation in Cologne, Germany. The prize is awarded to the best programs on integration and cultural diversity in Europe in the following categories:

  • European CIVIS Television Prize (entertainment and information),
  • European CIVIS Radio Prize (short and long programs),
  • European CIVIS Online Media Prize,
  • Young CIVIS Media Prize and
  • European CIVIS Cinema Prize.

What are the objectives?
The objective of the prize is to raise the awareness and significance of cultural diversity and integration in the media. The intention of the CIVIS Media Foundation is to sensitize journalists to such issues as integration and cultural diversity and to encourage them to cover these issues by awarding a prize to exemplary programs.

When was the CIVIS Media Prize set up and what has it brought about?

In the 28 years of its existence, the CIVIS Media Prize has become Europe’s most significant media prize for integration and cultural diversity. Particularly the CIVIS Online Media Prize is gaining significance in view of the increasing importance of information and mobilization through the Internet. Furthermore, CIVIS has led to an increased awareness at the broadcasting companies that cultural diversity as well as threats to cultural diversity have to be made visible and audible. In the meantime, the broadcasting companies attribute much more significance to the CIVIS prizes and consider them a mirror or even a thorn to motivate them even further. Hence, the contributions show seismic developments in society, for example as documentary portraits of reality or as artful stories. Or they reflect challenging social issues such as the integration of the Roma or right-wing populism in Europe.

Sandra Maischberger hosted the 2016 awards ceremony in Berlin. (Rights:CIVIS/Ziebe) Sandra Maischberger hosted the 2016 awards ceremony in Berlin. (Rights:CIVIS/Ziebe)

In the years since its inauguration, the CIVIS Media Prize has become the most important media prize for programs reporting about integration and cultural diversity in Europe. In particular the CIVIS Online Media Prize, which has been awarded since 2010, is steadily gaining significance because of the increasing importance of information and mobilization through the Internet.

CIVIS has increased the broadcasting companies’ awareness that cultural diversity as well as threats to cultural diversity have to be broadcast on radio and television. Accordingly, many programs now report about new developments in society and provide insight into challenging issues facing our societies, such as the integration of Roma, right-wing populism in Europe or asylum seekers and refugees.

The competition in 2016 focused on migration, flight and asylum. More than 935 contributions from 21 EU countries and Switzerland were entered, and the international panels of judges chose the best contributions in the categories of film, radio and online programs. For more information about the prizewinners, go to: Prizewinners 2016.

What are the activities of the CIVIS Media Foundation?

  • CIVIS organizes the annual CIVIS Prize competition and the awards ceremony.
  • It offers further training seminars on integration and cultural diversity to journalists.
  • In order to convey new approaches and viewpoints to the media, it initiates “CIVIS Dialogues”, i.e. interviews and discussions with high-ranking politicians and important representatives of cultural and religious groups.
  • CIVIS works together with numerous German and European Partners in the media, sciences and civil society.

Media partners:

  • German Association of Public Broadcasting Companies (ARD)
  • West German Broadcasting Company (WDR)
  • Austrian Public Broadcasting Company (ORF)
  • Swiss Public Broadcasting Organization (SRG SSR)
  • Deutsche Welle
  • RTV Slovenia
  • Deutschlandradio
  • ARTE Culture Channel
  • 3sat
  • European Broadcasting Union

Why is the Freudenberg Foundation supporting CIVIS?

Together with WDR, acting as representative of ARD, the Freudenberg Foundation established the CIVIS Media Foundation to ensure a permanent home for the CIVIS Radio and Television Prize initiated in 1987 and to initiate a new start. Through its participation in the jury and its cooperation with the journalists honored in the past 26 years, the Freudenberg Foundation has created a wide media network. For the journalists, CIVIS in turn has become a home for social-political reporting, since their program contributions frequently hit a corner.

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