The Migration Council (RfM) was set up in 1998 as a nationwide, interdisciplinary group of researchers with international connections. The work of the Migration Council was based on a concept for research-based, critical monitoring of political decisions formulated by Klaus J. Bade. Through its members the Council on Migration takes a position on important issues of migration and integration.

What are the objectives of the Council on Migration?

The Council on Migration concentrates on critically monitoring political decisions on issues relating to migration and integration. In its publications, public appearances and statements in the media, it has been – for more than a decade – propagating more differentiated political measures in Germany, which would plan migration and integration more actively and with more farsightedness.

What does the Council on Migration do?

  • It publishes political essays on migration and integration, in which well-known authors analyse the developments in migration and integration policy and take a position on current issues, developments and problems in Germany, Europe and the world,
  • It takes a stand – from the standpoint of research – on migration and integration politics,
  • It organizes conferences on special topics,
  • It is building up a “media service” about current integration and migration politics, which prepares research results for journalistic purposes.

Who is financing the Council on Migration?

  • Membership fess
  • Project-related donations

Which partners are supporting the Council on Migration?

Why is the Freudenberg Foundation supporting the Council on Migration?

For the Freudenberg Foundation the Council on Migration is a self-organization of migration researchers, whose analyses and studies can significantly contribute to integration and migration policy in Germany.

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