What is the Forum for Roma Inclusion?

The Forum for Roma Inclusion is a joint initiatives foundations within the European Foundation Centre (EFC). It was called into life in 2009 by several foundations that also supported the Roma Education Fund.

What are the goals?

The objective of the forum is to empower the voice of civil society regarding the integration of Roma people and to make it be heard by European institutions. The forum provides strategic input to the development and discussion process in European institutions (parliament, commission, council of ministers) and individual member states by means of public declarations and recommendations. In general, European institutions are showing an increased awareness of and commitment to the task facing Europe. However, it is the willingness of the member states to implement the strategies of action developed in Europe and to transform them to national strategies and action plans that counts. This is where the help of civil society is needed.

The forum hopes to mobilize additional foundations. Roma inclusion is not a particularly attractive field of activity, and it takes considerable powers of persuasion to convince foundations interested in migration, integration, education and human rights that they must not ignore the Roma. Against this background, the forum wants to identify and develop good practice.

Which partners are supporting the Forum for Roma Inclusion?

  • European Foundation Center (EFC), Brussels
  • Eurocities, Brussels
  • Robert Bosch Foundation, Stuttgart

Why is the Freudenberg Foundation supporting the Forum for Roma Inclusion?

The European participation in the Forum for Roma Inclusion of the European Foundation Centre opens a venue to the Freudenberg Foundation not only for promoting concepts of good practice as well as the identification and development of good practice but also for entering into the cooperation with high-level EU Commission staff members necessary for this purpose. The foundations in the Forum are interested in pilot projects to smooth the way for subsequent European promotion in such fields as early childhood education, school mediation, training of Roma media specialists and building up a city network to promote the further development of local inclusion strategies.

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