The Roma Education Fund was established as part of the “Decade of Roma Inclusion” that was initiated by the World Bank and the Open Society Institute (OSI) and adopted by ten governments in 2005. It is the only cross-border organization pursuing the educational promotion of Roma, in which Roma have assumed responsibility themselves.

What are the goals?

The objective of the Roma Education Fund is to close the gap in educational achievement between Roma and non-Roma and to promote the integration of Roma in the national education systems of the European countries involved. The REF projects have been successful and, thus, REF has gained political influence. Hence, it can help ensure that projects gain a foothold in the educational and social policies of the countries involved. Moreover, REF is a model for setting up a promotion program in the EU.

What are the activities of the Roma Education Fund?

Primarily, the REF concentrates its project work in the East European member states of the Roma Decade and focuses on three major areas:

  • scholarship programs for students,
  • education projects promoting integration in schools,
  • promotion of pre-school education of children ages 0-6 years and their mothers through its program „A Good Start – Early Childhood Education and Care“.

Why is the Freudenberg Foundation supporting the Roma Education Fund?

The Freudenberg Foundation, together with other European foundations such as the Bernard van Leer Foundation or the ERSTE Foundation, supports the Roma Education Fund to solidify and sustain effective educational promotion strategies on the European, national and local levels.

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