RomnoKher is a center where minorities and majorities can meet and enter into discussions with one another, it is a place where Sinti and Roma can find information, counselling and support, it is a place of culture and education as well as a place where one can learn about antiziganism.

What are the goals?

Ultimately, RomnoKher is to act as a bridge between research and members of the Sinti and Roma minority so as to promote understanding between the majority society and this minority.

What are the activities of RomnoKher?

  • It organizes cultural events and public relations for Sinti and Roma people in order to promote the dialogue between minorities and majorities,
  • informs, advises and assists Sinti and Roma,
  • informs about anti-Ziganism,
  • regularly conducts studies on the current educational situation of Sinti and Roma and publishes the results,
  • conducts educational activities in kindergartens and schools.
  • It is preparing a national strategy of integration for Sinti and Roma in Germany and, for this purpose, it is building up a regional, national and European network together with initiatives, foundations and organizations concerned with the support of Sinti and Roma people.
  • Together with partners, it is drawing up a job description for Roma school mediation.
  • It supported the establishment of the Hildegard Lagrenne Foundation.

Who is financing RomnoKher?

  • Freudenberg Foundation, Weinheim
  • Landesverband Deutscher Sinti und Roma e.V., Baden-Württemberg
  • Gesellschaft für Antiziganismusforschung e.V., Magdeburg
  • Linden Foundation for Pre-School Education, Weinheim

Which partners are supporting RomnoKher?

  • Linden Foundation for Pre-School Education, Weinheim
  • Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ), Berlin
  • Hochschule der Bundesagentur für Arbeit und die Landeszentrale für politische Bildung, Baden-Württemberg

Why is the Freudenberg Foundation supporting RomnoKher?

In particular, the Freudenberg Foundation is assisting RomnoKher in its efforts to expand the educational work in kindergartens and schools. Moreover, RomnoKher gGmbh is a partner of the Freudenberg Foundation for the nationwide dissemination of national education strategies and provides advice on the development of concepts for promoting the education of Roma throughout Europe.

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