Prizewinner 2016 with Dr. Pia Gerber, Managing Director Freudenberg Stiftung and Claudia Rustige, Director bag-if. (Picture: bag-if) Prizewinner 2016 with Dr. Pia Gerber, Managing Director Freudenberg Stiftung and Claudia Rustige, Director bag-if. (Picture: bag-if)

This prize, which was awarded for the first time in 2005, honors path-breaking business concepts and forms of cooperation of integration firms for mentally ill persons. Since 2010 an expert panel of judges has been responsible for awarding the prize. The prize is named for the social psychiatrist Dr. Rudolf Freudenberg, who had to emigrate to England during the reign of the National Socialist regime and there laid the foundation for an employment-oriented reform of psychiatric treatment.

What are the activities of the Rudolf Freudenberg Prize?

In 2016, the competition focused on “Sustainable Business Concepts”. Prizewinner was “Irseer Versandhandels-Unternehmen für Kreativ- und Therapieartikel”, Kaufbeuren

What are the goals?

The objective of the prize is to encourage social firms to integrate mentally ill persons in the employment market and to present their exemplary models to other social firms.

What does the Rudolf Freudenberg Prize do?

In 2011, the Rudolf Freudenberg Prize was awarded to firms that, in an exemplary manner, realized the transition from employees in sheltered workshops for persons with disabilities to integration firms. In 2012, the competition focused on path-breaking models of training and qualification in integration firms. A chronological list of the award-winners is provided below.

Who is financing the Rudolf Freudenberg Prize?
Freudenberg Foundation, Weinheim

Which partners are supporting the Rudolf Freudenberg Prize?
German National Working Group of Integration Firms (bag-if)

Why is the Freudenberg Foundation awarding the Rudolf Freudenberg Prize?

The movement of integration firms depends on the creativity and courage of the supporting institutions. In order to keep the movement alive as well as to discover and make known possibilities of development, also in difficult times, the Freudenberg Foundation together with the National Working Group of Integration Firms created the Rudolf Freudenberg Prize. By awarding the prize, the Freudenberg Foundation pursues its goal of helping persons with mental illness make their way (back) into life and participate in society. The prize is part of the efforts to promote inclusion within the meaning of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

List of award-winners and topic of the application

2016 – The competition focused on sustainable business concepts. Prizewinner is: Irseer Versandhandels-Unternehmen für Kreativ- und Therapieartikel, Kaufbeuren.

2015 – Prizewinner was gGmbH Lippischer Kombi-Service (LKS). The competition focused again on “Innovative Business Ideas and Concepts”.

2014 – The competition focused on “Innovative Business Ideas and Concepts”. Prizewinners were DJH Gemeinsam Arbeiten gemeinnützige GmbH and the Youth Hostel Leer.

2013 – Topic of the application: “Innovative and transferable business ideas and concepts”

2012 – There were two award-winners: Lebenswelten Restaurations GmbH, Berlin, and Hotel Regenbogenhaus gGmbH, Freiburg. Topic of the application: “Training and gaining qualifications in integration firms”

2011 – Again two first prizes were awarded, namely to Mosaik-Services Integrationsgesellschaft mbH Berlin and Integrationsbetrieb Wormser Friedhöfe. Topic of the application: “Integration of employees of sheltered workshops in integration firms”

2010 – Two first prizes were awarded to diakonia textile gGmbH Munich and Anker Sozialarbeit gGmbH Schwerin. Topic of the application: “Inclusion through additional income jobs”

2009 – There was no call for applications, and no prize was awarded. A new jury was formed.

2008 – Two first prizes were awarded to TAF-Team für alle Fälle gGmbH, Caritas Gelsenkirchen, and Integrationsbetriebe Kreuznacher Diakonie gGmbH. Topic of the application: “Socially responsible outsourcing through integration firms”

2007 – ELMO Elektro- und Gerätemontagen GmbH Hamburg. Topic of the application: “Exemplary form of cooperation with other commercial enterprises, preferably from the private sector”

2006 – wabe Elektronik und Montageservice Erlangen GmbH. Topic of the application: “Implementing the guidelines for social firms in daily operations”

2005 – CAP Lebensmittelmärkte (no call for application)


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