What is Business & Bildung e.V.?

Business & Bildung, i.e. Business and Education, is the successor of Profi Mannheim and concentrates on promoting the self-initiative and entrepreneurship of children, adolescents and young adults as well as promoting the founding of business in creative industries. The association has its seat in the newly established Creative Industries Center in Mannheim Neckarstadt-West, whose direction the association took over.

What are the goals of Business & Bildung e.V.?

Within the field of “business”, the association offers qualification and support programs for persons setting up their own business (small business, free-lance work in cultural and creative industries). The objectives are to help businesses gain permanence and to attract long-standing businesses from the cultural and creative industries.

Within the scope of “education”, the area dedicated to children and adolescents, economic instruments are used to achieve educational goals, e.g. promoting self-initiative, promoting business and social skills (from elementary school to the transition from school to the employment market), improving the young people’s key qualifications needed for vocational training (e.g. punctuality, reliability, sense of responsibility and conduct etc.) as well as promoting vocational participation skills (so-called Gestaltungskompetenz).

What does Business & Bildung e.V. do?

  • It assists in drawing up business plans.
  • It organizes events and seminars about legal and commercial issues.
  • It carries out competitions for business ideas, e.g. YoungBusiness Competition, as part of the transition management from school to employment.
  • It develops teaching units for setting up and operating student and junior firms as well as further education courses for teachers and mentors.
  • It draws up a curriculum for teaching units reflecting real-life business so as to promote entrepreneurship and self-initiative; these units are designed for use from elementary to vocational school.
  • Qualification of teachers for the implementation of school companies.

Who is financing Business & Bildung e.V.?

  • Freudenberg Foundation, Weinheim
  • The city of Mannheim
  • Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development
  • Ministry of Finance and Economics of Baden-Wuerttemberg (MFW)
  • European Social Fund

Why is the Freudenberg Foundation supporting Business & Bildung e.V.?

The Freudenberg Foundation supports Business & Bildung e.V. because of its unique concept. For one, it aims at long-term support of young people with the objective of conveying to children and adolescents basic economic skills, knowledge as well as encouragement to strive for self-employment. For another, it helps other adults interested in setting up their own business.

Business & Bildung e.V.
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D-68159 Mannheim
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The Young Artist

The competition for the best idea for a school company was presented in the 8th grade of the Johannes Keppler Hauptschule in Mannheim. Marcel Gries was immediately enthralled by the idea, and he and his friend signed up directly. Reacting so spontaneously is part of his lively character: always in motion, always looking for something to do. His favorite pastime is juggling and doing small conjuring tricks. It’s not easy for him in class: on the one hand, some teachers had difficulty getting Marcel to participate and concentrate; on the other hand, he didn’t have many friends – most of the other boys were more interested in soccer or girls, but not in juggling.

He often plays with his younger siblings and their friends and so he noticed that there are no weekend activities for this target group in their district. In the workshops held in connection with the competition, Marcel had the idea of organizing activities for the children living in the district every Sunday morning. His enthusiasm for this idea, which he called “KidsWorld” was overwhelming. He pursued his idea purposefully and basically on his own. His friend was involved, but with much less enthusiasm.

Despite his restlessness, Marcel participated with full concentration in the workshops. He was even willing to work on the project over and beyond the workshops to formulate his idea. He constantly came up with new ideas and creations to improve his business concept.

At the final presentation of the ideas to a panel of economic experts, the presentation of his idea “KidsWorld” and his juggling skills won second place. His teacher, the principal and Marcel were very surprised. However, one thing became clear quite quickly: Marcel wanted to put his idea into practice. Now he could put to use his considerable energy and he received recognition and positive feedback in return. The first order – a festival for twenty children ages 4 to 7 – in June 2007 on the sports grounds of the Johannes Keppler Hauptschule was a tremendous success. Marcel proved to be very skillful and attentive when working with children: he not only enjoyed encouraging them to play, but also showed talent in drawing up a program. He had defined the time periods, initiated a game with prizes and held a juggling performance. All children were involved in activities and Marcel knew exactly when they needed a (new) activity and, if necessary, he “did a bit of magic”.

Finally he could fully satisfy his need to move around. The children, the principal and teacher were thrilled by his commitment and stamina. Marcel was exhausted at the end of the day, but happy and very satisfied with himself and his festival.