Job Central is a competence center set up to assist young people successfully make the transition from school to the regular employment market. It concentrates its support efforts in the northern Baden Bergstrasse district, where it works closely together with the municipal agency responsible for the transition management from school to employment as well as the operative partners of this municipal coordination center. Job Central, the municipal coordination centre and Integration Central are key institutions of the locally active “Weinheim Chain of Education”, and they are steadily endeavoring to develop this strategy further. As a result of this concept, local businesses and civil society have assumed responsibility, over and beyond their formal spheres of responsibility, to improve the job orientation and vocational integration of young people.

What are the goals of Job Central?

The overall goal of Job Central is to ensure that every adolescent develops a perspective for his/her future vocational career and is supported in his/her efforts to achieve this goal. Within the framework of the “Weinheim Chain of Education”, Job Central develops models of support programs for adolescents, parents and teachers, and it maintains programs that have proven effective. Hence, it is a practical model of how community-managed local or regional vocational integration policy for underprivileged adolescents, which is supported by both the municipality and civil society, can be put into practice.

What does Job Central do?

Job Central primarily develops and implements support programs and cooperation projects to improve the job orientation/job preparation as well as the transition of adolescents completing job training (apprenticeships) to working life with and at schools

  • It conducts vocational orientation workshops, preparation and follow-up of internships, job application training seminars, practical vocational orientation projects, job information events, training courses to improve social and personal skills, information stands, and much more.
  • It offers individual counseling and coaching of adolescents (and their parents) with respect to vocational orientation and career planning in the counseling Center, directly in the Schools and for Dropouts, including mediation when difficulties arise between the applicant or apprentice and the training company.
  • It cooperates closely with teachers, parent advisors of Integration Central, volunteer teaching and job mentors from the “Weinheimer Unterstützerkreis Berufsstart (WUB)”, etc. as well as mentor groups, school social workers, youth work experts, job counselors from the Employment Agency, Youth Welfare and other support organizations as well as companies.
  • It supports schools in developing their own job orientation/job preparation concepts.
  • It creates venues where teachers, youth workers, parent counselors as well as volunteer teaching and job mentors can learn together as well as review and refine their concepts.
  • It mobilizes apprenticeships and traineeships; provides information about available apprenticeships for all network partners.
  • It informs parents with an immigration background about the educational and vocational opportunities in close cooperation with the parent counselors of Integration Central, e.g. in parent cafés.
  • It supports the civic engagement for the vocational integration of adolescents as well as the work of the volunteer mentor initiative “Weinheimer Unterstützerkreis Berufsstart” and other regional mentoring groups by providing counseling, qualification and concept development assistance (competence center for civic engagement).
  • It initiates and supports cooperation between schools and companies.
  • It strengthens the local responsibility for education, vocational training and integration by networking the persons involved and locally available resources.

Who is financing Job Central institutionally?

  • Freudenberg Foundation, Weinheim
  • City of Weinheim and seven other member towns of the support association “Regionale Jugendagentur Badische Bergstrasse e.V.”

Which partners are supporting projects of Job Central?

  • European Social Fund in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart
  • Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart
  • Generali Future Fund, Cologne
  • HBS Fonds, Weinheim
  • Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar, Mannheim
  • Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, Heidelberg
  • Employment Agency, Mannheim/Heidelberg
  • Weinheimer Unterstützerkreis Berufsstart (WUB)
  • Stadtjugendring Weinheim e. V.
  • Corporate and private donations for specific projects

Why is the Freudenberg Foundation supporting Job Central?

From the beginning, the Freudenberg Foundation has actively pursued projects helping disadvantaged youth complete vocational training and integration in the employment market. Primarily it supports projects taking a comprehensive approach, i.e. projects striving to improve the vocational orientation at schools as well as promoting self-initiative and entrepreneurship so as to expand the opportunities for entering the job market and to strengthen local – municipal and community-based – support groups with the ultimate goal of helping young people find their way through vocational training and into the regular employment market. The “Weinheim Chain of Education” is a model for an overall local strategy encompassing school education, vocational training and integration that is coordinated by the municipality, and Job Central plays a key part in these efforts. Moreover, Job Central also is a model for the systematic cooperation between professionals and volunteers working with young people in connection with vocational orientation, job preparation and entry into the job market. Time and again, the volunteers in Weinheim have achieved a close working relationship with schools, ensured more long-term internships and raised more apprenticeships.

Job Central
Regionalinitiative Badische Bergstraße
Brigitte Weichert
Bahnhofstr. 19
D-69469 Weinheim
Phone 0049-(0)6201-1847-62 (counseling)
Phone 0049-(0)6201-37 92 98/-99 (management)
Fax 0049-(0)6201-1847-64