Heinrich-Stoess-and-Gerda-Koepff Foundation

The Heinrich-Stoess-and-Gerda-Koepff Foundation is a foundation without legal capacity held in trust by the Freudenberg Foundation. Pursuant to the last will and testament of the donor, Gerda Koepff, the funds are used primarily for projects of the Freudenberg Foundation which serve to further peaceful coexistence in society and to support cultural minorities experiencing special difficulties, in particular Roma and Sinti.


The Sternbach-Foundation is held in trust by Freudenberg Stiftung GmbH. The fund supports upbringing and education, youth work and persons in need of help. Consequently, the income of the fund is to contribute to the general good and peaceful coexistence. This objective primarily is realized by model projects in the fields of education and vocational training, further education and counseling of teachers, and scholarships. The funds can be used for motivating and supporting both individuals as well as institutions. The aim is to promote self-initiative and self-effectiveness. As far as the design of the projects is concerned, it must be ensured that they do not address merely the symptoms but aim to abolish the causes of social problems. In this way, models of action are to be developed that will be followed by others.

Independent foundations

Karl-Konrad-and-Ria-Groeben Foundation

The program of the foundation, which was established in 2002, is to promote internationalism as well as tolerance in all areas of culture and international understanding. It contributes to the intellectual and practical exchange between Abrahamic religious communities (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) and corresponding cultures.

The foundation effectively pursues its objectives by providing opportunities for representatives of the Abrahamic religious communities, intellectuals from the corresponding cultures and citizens interested in mutual issues to enter into discussions and exchange ideas, by publishing publications serving the objectives of the foundation, by promoting educational stays in other communities and cultures for persons of any age, by informing the public about the work of the foundation and other exchange initiatives between the above-mentioned religious communities and cultures, and by taking other measures according to the objectives of the foundation.

The foundation also has the objective of ensuring that the academic training of teachers includes studies on tolerance and integration with respect to religious education in the Abrahamic religious communities. In order to fulfill its purpose, the foundation can support institutions, conduct its own projects and financially support projects of other public or private non-profit organizations.

At the present time, the Groeben Foundation is supporting projects that promote inter-religious understanding, e.g. so-called Abrahamic teams (Jews, Moslems, Christians) that support projects in schools, Islamic forums initiated by the Intercultural Council, and the scientific counseling of community foundations.

Board: Dr. Pia Gerber, Sascha Wenzel

Lindenstiftung für vorschulische Erziehung

The “Lindenstiftung” for pre-school education was founded by the Lindemann family in 1972. The purpose of the foundation is to provide pedagogical and social assistance to pre-school children and their families as well as to support scientific research in this field. With its work the “Lindenstiftung” wants to strengthen socially marginalized groups and above all support projects that encourage self-initiative in these groups. The project work concentrates on learning democracy at the pre-school level, supporting particularly disadvantaged groups (Roma, Sinti, refugee children) and helping children in crisis areas around the world.

BT Spickschen Foundation

The BT Spickschen Foundation, founded by Mr. and Mrs. Spickschen and having its seat in Weinheim, wants to help children gain appropriate educational opportunities and, in this way, strengthen social cohesion. Against this background, the BT Spickschen Foundation promotes and supervises projects that work towards this goal and include all agents involved in the upbringing and education of children, from the family to the school system. The donors were particularly concerned about socially disadvantaged children, immigrant children, children in developing countries and the role of music education. The purpose of the foundation is to promote upbringing and education, youth welfare, art and culture, science and research, internationalism, tolerance in all areas of culture and international understanding as well as civic engagement for the benefit of non-profit and charitable purposes.


Foundation One Square Kilometer of Education

The Foundation One Square Kilometer of Education, a dependent foundation, has its seat in Heidelberg and is managed by Stiftungs- und Fördergemeinschaft Modellprojekte GmbH (SFGM). The purpose of the foundation is to promote upbringing and education, in particular the promotion and dissemination of long-term programs ensuring the sustained educational success of children and adolescents in disadvantaged neighborhoods and districts. The foundation strives for common quality development, an exchange of experiences, networking, public relations work, further education of the staff of the pedagogical workshops, putting into practice the concept of learning together propagated by the initiatives “One Square Kilometer of Education” throughout Germany and adopting experiences gained internationally.

The foundation realizes its purpose by assessing transferable modes of practice, observing and developing further the quality criteria, scientific coverage, expert and political public relations work, and carrying out training seminars and internships. In addition, the foundation encourages the pedagogical workshops of the “Square Kilometer of Education” to exchange their practical experience and the staff of the pedagogical workshops to network and gain qualifications.