• The Freudenberg Foundation shall promote and initiate projects. It shall consider itself an operational foundation, but it shall also support external projects and initiatives,
  • Projects of the Freudenberg Foundation are to be initiated in social areas characterized by economic, cultural and social disadvantage or discrimination, where the negative effects of social development (e.g. technical and industrial progress, bureaucratization, erroneous developments and reduction of social services) are particularly tangible. Therefore, projects involving the direct support of underprivileged marginal groups and cultural minorities are to be given priority,
  • However, such projects shall not be limited to social work, rather they should encourage civil participation and co-responsibility. In connection with cultural minorities, they should promote the development of the group’s own cultural identity. These prerequisites are to ensure that the projects are up-to-date and guarantee the implementation on the basis of exemplary measures,
  • Priority is to be given to decentralized initiatives at the local level,
  • Other organizations, above all local and, if necessary, government institutions should be asked to participate or cooperate, e.g. through foundation initiatives. Cooperation with other foundations shall be a fundamental objective,
  • In deciding on the promotion of projects, the Foundation shall give preference to projects and measures working towards self-help and self-organization, promoting self-initiative and encouraging volunteer work, leading to the opening and cooperation of public and private institutions in the fields of education, vocational education, further education and accompanying social and psychological assistance as well as addressing new ideas that incorporate international experiences,
  • The Freudenberg Foundation preferentially shall promote projects leading to transferable organizational models,
  • Above all, the projects should strive for practical effectiveness; however, in this connection they should make use of research results, call in expert advice and be evaluated.

Scholarships, personal emergencies, research, publications, conferences and seminars that do not contribute to the preparation, supervision or evaluation of the foundation’s own practical projects as well as construction, restructuration and renovation work are not part of the Freudenberg Foundation’s range of support activities.