Regional Centers for the Promotion of Children and Adolescents from Immigrant Families (RAA)

The RAA are important partners for innovative cooperation projects of the Freudenberg Foundation. The Freudenberg Foundation was largely responsible for spreading the prototype of RAA, which was developed with grants from the Freudenberg Company in Weinheim in 1979, and encouraging the individual RAA to work together. The RAA have been important support organizations for path-breaking strategies and models of action calling for comprehensive approaches. This includes such programs as successful job preparation and the vocational integration of adolescents, fighting against youth violence, xenophobism and right-wind extremist everyday culture, the integration of minorities and the promotion of democratic learning.

Federal Working Group of RAA

For the Freudenberg Foundation, the Federal Working Group (BAG) is the central forum for developing topics, promotion strategies and models of action with the RAA. The BAG of RAA was established in 1995. Its purpose is to promote the cooperation between the RAA, 29 of which are in western and 17 in eastern Germany. Contrary to the RAA set up in North Rhine-Westphalia since 1980, which are part of the municipal administrative structures, the RAA in the new German states work within the structural framework of non-government youth welfare organizations. The objectives of BAG are the inter-connection and transfer of successful practical programs, the coordination of joint projects, the further development of RAA’s overall profile as well as joint public relations work for key issues.


Amadeu Antonio Foundation

Amadeu Antonio – a contract worker from Angola – was beaten to death by young right-wing extremists in Brandenburg in 1990. He was the first victim to die of racist violence after the reunification of Germany. The foundation named after him is an initiative against indifference. It encourages citizens to show personal courage, and it supports groups and individuals who steadfastly advocate fundamental human values actively and continuously in an environment that increasingly seems to consider attacks of right-wind extremist adolescents to be normal occurrences. Besides promoting projects, the Amadeu Antonio Foundation consults initiatives of civil society as, for example, community foundations in the new German states, promotes project networking, offers political consulting and organizes national conferences.

CIVIS Media Foundation for Integration and Cultural Diversity in Europe, Cologne

The organization and implementation of the Media Prize of ARD, the German broadcasting association, has been transferred to the newly established non-profit Civis Media Foundation for Integration and Cultural Diversity in Europe. Together with the WDR broadcasting company, the Freudenberg Foundation is a partner of the Civis Media Foundation and sits on the Board of Trustees. The Civis Media Prize was initiated by the Federal Commissioner for Foreigners and Integration together with ARD and the support of WDR and the Freudenberg Foundation in 1988. The objective of the Civis Media Foundation is to contribute to intercultural understanding and European integration through electronic media. The Civis Media Foundation is responsible for awarding the annual international ARD Civis Media Prize in Germany and Europe.

German Children and Youth Foundation (DKJS), Berlin

The establishment of the German Children and Youth Foundation in 1994 can be traced back to a proposal of the International Youth Foundation (Baltimore, USA) and the support of the Freudenberg Foundation. For the Freudenberg Foundation, the German Children and Youth Foundation is a partner for working together with other foundations and individual German states with the aim of disseminating good practical projects. In this way, for example, it was possible to set up student clubs and student firms throughout Germany. The German Children and Youth Foundation and the Freudenberg Foundation are currently working together in such fields as service learning, local responsibility for education and vocational training, and integration methods for all-day schools.