The Freudenberg Foundation evaluates the quality of its work on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Quality of the persons: Is the project management or the team so inspiring and important for the work of the foundation that the project should be started or upheld for their sake?
  2. Paradigmatic relevance: Can the Freudenberg Foundation, with the help of this project, show in an exemplary manner what it wants to achieve as a whole in related thematic fields?
  3. Efficiency: Can the foundation achieve relatively much with relatively low expenditure?
  4. Appropriateness: Does the project stand in an appropriate relationship to the foundation’s possibilities of action with respect to personnel and finances?
  5. Innovation potential: Does the project provide a path-breaking answer to an innovation gap left open by the programs of the government/bureaucracy and/or civil society and does it find the attention of politics?
  6. Chance of sustainability: Does it stand a chance of gaining permanency and/or dissemination?
  7. Immediate effect: Will the project offer particularly high benefits to the people concerned, and can the foundation learn a lot from it?
  8. Home for socially committed persons: Does the project offer a home for committed persons active in practical programs, administration, civil society and scientific research in the respective field?
  9. Extraordinary potential: Will future possibilities be tested here in a special manner and does the pilot project, therefore, involve special potential for further development of the foundation?
  10. Costs of non-promotion: Would the premature termination or cuts in the budget of the project have very unpleasant consequences for all persons involved?