What is ArtQuadrat Mannheim?

ArtQuadrat Mannheim is a link between educational institutions and artists in One Square Kilometer of Education.

What are the goals?

The goal of ArtQuadrat is to give important impulses for the holistic personality development of adolescents, particularly in the schools served by One Square Kilometer of Education. This concept calls for professional artists who are able to interact with adolescents and lead them to an artistic result of which they can be proud. Moreover, the project would like to build up a local network for increasing the promotion of art and culture with professional artists in day-care centers and schools and, at the same time, strengthen art projects in all Square Kilometers by sending in professional artists, work out criteria for good practice and initiate discussions on the topic “What can art achieve?”

What does ArtQuadrat Mannheim do to transfer these goals?

  • It brings professional art into the quarter, the day-care centers and elementary schools in One Square Kilometer of Education.
  • It assists local concept development and implementation of art projects in day-care centers and schools in One Square Kilometer of Education.
  • It supports the formation of networks for artistic activities at all locations of One Square Kilometer of Education.
  • arbeitet spartenübergreifend mit künstlerischen Einrichtungen und einzelnen Kunstschaffenden zusammen,
  • It works together with all kinds of artistic centers and individual artists,looks for, accompanies and brings together qualified artists.
  • It initiates its own impulse art projects and carries them out.
  • It develops and assumes responsibility for criteria defining the contribution of funds from the art fund.
  • It actively searches for private and public donations for art projects.

What does ArtQuadrat Mannheim do?

  • It offers non-violent conflict training at the Humboldt Hauptschule and Realschule through theater work.
  • In “Theater zum Abkühlen” (Theater to Cool Down) and with the help of a professional stage director, teachers learn how to cope with “standing on a stage” everyday in the classroom. The second step – working with a whole class, whose teacher considers the overall climate in the class to be problematic – is being planned.
  • Within the scope of One Square Kilometer of Education, it offers a music workshop for kindergarten children and includes the play “Sechse ziehen durch die Welt” in the promotion of the children.
  • Children of a Catholic kindergarten participate directly in the production of “Sechse ziehen durch die Welt”: they come to the rehearsals and see how a theater play comes about.

Who is financing ArtQuadrat Mannheim?

  • Freudenberg Foundation, Weinheim
  • BT Spickschen Foundation, Weinheim

Which partners are supporting ArtQuadrat Mannheim?

  • Office of Cultural Affairs of the city of Mannheim
  • State Academy of Music in Mannheim
  • German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development

Why is the Freudenberg Foundation engaged in ArtQuadrat?

The aim of One Square Kilometer of Education is to let children and adolescents, whose parents live in disadvantaged districts, experience encouraging learning biographies. Kindergartens and schools in One Square Kilometer of Education are the only reliable places of learning that can reach all children and adolescents living in the district. All children deserve the chance to come into contact with art both actively and receptively. Art projects can be tested, developed further and, after fulfilling quality standards, continued with the support of the Pedagogical Workshop for a period of 10 years at the locations of One Square Kilometer of Education. A local network of artists can be built up, which is marked by excellent art and excellent relationship skills, because children and adolescents need reliable art teachers. Teachers at the kindergartens and schools need reliable partners, from whom they also can learn for their work. Since 1998, the Freudenberg Foundation has been initiating or supporting practical projects with artists at schools. By including art projects into the program One Square Kilometer of Education, the Freudenberg Foundation – based on local testing and discussions with the teachers involved – can systematically transfer proven approaches to the standard curriculum of day-care centers and schools.

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