What is One Square Kilometer of Education Bernsdorf?

After one year of planning and preparation, One Square Kilometer of Education Bernsdorf started in November of 2011. In close cooperation with RAA Sachsen e.V., the Lindenstiftung für vorschulische Erziehung, the Amadeu Antonio Foundation and the Freudenberg Foundation, One Square Kilometer of Education Bernsdorf has been set up for the first time in a rural area. In other words, the project is not located in an urban district but in a new housing development in the neighborhood of an elementary school. About 3,000 of the altogether 7,000 inhabitants of Bernsdorf live here, and 200 of them have an immigrant background. The Square Kilometer in Bernsdorf is being set up around the Bernsdorf elementary school, which has about 200 pupils. At the present time, the project partners include four day-care centers with day nurseries, two of them in Bernsdorf and one in Strassgräbchen. Furthermore, it is planned to work closely together with the “Freie Mittelschule Bernsdorf” as well as the youth centers. The Pedagogical Workshop will be set up in the multi-generation house in Bernsdorf, which has established itself has an educational and meeting venue. The persons involved in the Square Kilometer can meet there outside the institutions.

What are the goals?

The objective right now is to build up an attractive educational landscape and good contacts between the families and the educational institutions, and to concentrate on language promotion, participation of parents and coordinating the educational institutions.

What does One Square Kilometer of Education Bernsdorf do?

  • It supports the key school in its efforts to modify the transition from the day-care centers to elementary school.
  • It develops and implements remedial language instruction for children with linguistic deficits in the day-care centers and the elementary school (Roundtable with speech therapists about the Topic health of children for kindergarten teachers and teachers),
  • It accompanies and supports the individual institutions or the principals of the institutions as they determine and coordinate with each other the efforts needed to achieve the defined goals.
  • It assists in the formation of an educational alliance between schools, parents, public and private youth welfare centers and other partners (for example by the “Play area School”, where volunteers advise young parents in questions about raising children);
  • It helps train staff and strengthen the profiles of the educational institutions to meet the actual educational needs and paths of the children and adolescents.

The starting point of the project work in Bernsdorf is the existing network of education professionals. By encouraging appreciative communication and conveying the equality of all issues, a trusting and motivating atmosphere is to be created, through which the existing willingness of the persons involved to design a valuable educational landscape for the children and parents in Bernsdorf will be promoted, sustained and filled with life.

Who is financing One Square Kilometer of Education Bernsdorf?

  • Freudenberg Foundation, Weinheim
  • Linden Foundation for Preschool Education, Weinheim
  • Amadeu Antonio Foundation, Berlin

Which partners are supporting One Square Kilometer of Education Bernsdorf?

  • RAA Sachsen e.V.
  • The town of Bernsdorf

Why is the Freudenberg Foundation engaged in One Square Kilometer of Education Bernsdorf?

Like many other rural towns in Saxony, Bernsdorf is concerned by the situation that many inhabitants are moving away and a rise in the ratio of old people to the total population. About 11% of the inhabitants are younger than 15 years of age. In order to encourage young families to settle in the town, it is trying to build up an attractive educational environment and good networking. In this respect, the Square Kilometer of Education, in its function as a development platform for a local educational landscape, offers the needed collaboration between curricular and extra-curricular learning, the optimal form of transitions from one level of schooling to the next and the creation of perspectives in the direct environment of the people. For the Freudenberg Foundation, One Square Kilometer of Education Bernsdorf is a model for testing the concept in a rural area, and it hopes to find out whether the concept can be transferred to other rural areas.

Jens Walter
Project Management
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c/o RAA Sachsen e.V.
Eisenwerkstraße 1d
D-02994 Bernsdorf
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