What is One Square Kilometer of Education Hoyerswerda?

Following one year of planning and preparation, One Square Kilometer of Education Hoyerswerda was opened in November. In close partnership with RAA Hoyerswerde/Ostsachsen e.V., the Lindenstiftung für vorschulische Erziehung and the Freudenberg Foundation, the Square Kilometer is being set up in the Neustadt district of Hoyerswerda. The key school is the town’s largest elementary school, the “An der Elster” elementary school. The project partners are the “Sonnenblume” and “An der Elsterwiese” day-care centers, the “An der Elster” day nursery as well as the remedial school “Nikolaus Kopernikus”, with which cooperation relations already exist.

What are the goals?

The overriding objective is to (qualitatively) develop further the local chain of school instruction from kindergarten to the transition from school to working life in Hoyerswerda and, consequently, to allow families and teachers to develop future perspectives for the children and adolescents and to create an environment that will allow them to grow up and learn in an optimal way.

What does One Square Kilometer of Education Hoyerswerda do?

  • It has initiated a more structured schedule at the school with the aim of expanding the key elementary school to an all-day school.
  • It works towards stable and qualified cooperative relationships between the day-care centers, day nursery and secondary schools.
  • It strives for actual continuity between the successive educational institutions.
  • It enriches the daily school instruction of the pupils.
  • Sponsorship programmes of third-graders for preeschooler.
  • Promotion of reading- and spelling Expertise by editing a pupil´s magazine and the project “Vorlesekinder” in cooperation with a radio speaker.
  • It helps the school become more involved in the community.
  • It reduces the performance deficiencies and promotes special talents.
  • It develops further the school program.
  • It intensifies and enhances the quality of the participation of parents.

Who is financing One Square Kilometer of Education Hoyerswerda?

  • Freudenberg Foundation, Weinheim
  • Linden Foundation for Preschool Education, Weinheim

Which partners are supporting One Square Kilometer of Education Hoyerswerda?

  • RAA Hoyerswerda/Ostsachsen e.V.
  • The town of Hoyerswerda

Why is the Freudenberg Foundation engaged in One Square Kilometer of Education Hoyerswerda?

The Freudenberg Foundation has been working together with the town of Hoyerswerda since 1992 to improve vocational and democracy-promoting education. The quality of education is a key interest of both the town and the foundation because the town is suffering from an exodus of inhabitants and a strong lack of interest in democracy. In 2011, the town and foundation agreed to concentrate their resources in a particularly deprived urban area. The foundation hopes to gain transferable knowledge from One Square Kilometer of Education Hoyerswerda with respect to how the overall educational system of a town and the interlinking of the different types of schools can be merged with a kind of magnet school approach by concentrating educational resources in a defined area.

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