What is the Mobile Learning Platform?

All project managers of the, up to now, eight model locations of One Square Kilometer of Education meet every three months to discuss their experiences and specific issues. At the same time, so-called Workshop Discussions are held on common issues such as, for example, “What can art achieve?” or “For what do we need science?”

What are the goals?

The Mobile Learning Platform serves as a venue for reciprocal support, discussions, working together with critical friends of the program, networking, gaining qualification and speaking to representatives of cities, towns, state governments and the Federal government. At the same time, it aims to successively develop a program theory and to ascertain effective promotion strategies.

What does the Mobile Learning Platform do?

It conducts Workshop Discussions with researchers: In March 2012, the first Workshop Discussion took place in Weinheim. The topic was: “What do we expect from and what do we have to know about practice research in One Square Kilometer of Education?” One objective was to find critical friends active in scientific research and to work together with them and the local partners with the aim of obtaining a workable practice research design for each of the different locations of One Square Kilometer of Education as well as the whole program.

Project managers meet with school principals: In the middle of May 2012, the first joint meeting with school principals from the different locations took place. These meetings are planned to take place at least once a year. In the course of the meeting the benefits gained by active principals from One Square Kilometer of Education became evident: appreciative assistance for more than 10 years, moderation of school development processes, help in implementing new pedagogical approaches such as the learning workshop, learning portfolio or mentoring, providing external assistance, practice research as well as support in defining the school’s profile and networking. The common goal that no child will be lost and that suitable means of learning be found for every child creates a new focus.

Transfer guidelines are drawn up in a working group: within the scope of the program “Lernen vor Ort” of the Federal Ministry of Education, we undertook to support the district of Recklinghausen and, in particular, the city of Hertzen as well as the city of Mannheim in their efforts to achieve educational equality by investing in One Square Kilometer of Education. At the present time, we are working together to develop transfer guidelines in order to define when and how the experience gained with One Square Kilometer of Education can be applied to other disadvantaged school districts. It seems that either individual approaches such as “FörderScout” and class mentoring, or individual structural elements such as, for example forms of cooperation between day-care centers and elementary schools (i.e. “Einstern-Club”) or the Square Kilometer as a whole with another foundation can be transferred within a town.

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