What is One Square Kilometer of Education Wuppertal?

In 2009, One Square Kilometer of Education was set up in Wuppertal, i.e. in the Nordstadt quarter of the Elberfeld district. RAA Wuppertal (Regional Working Office for the Promotion of Children and Adolescents from Immigrant Families) is responsible for organizing One Square Kilometer of Education Wuppertal. Two elementary schools were chosen to be the key schools, and the Pedagogical Workshop was built up in the vicinity of these schools. One central aspect of work of One Square Kilometer of Education Wuppertal is continuous language education and assistance taking into consideration the native language. The educational and political network around the two key schools of One Square Kilometer of Education Wuppertal primarily is made up of four day-care centers, the international youth and social center “Alte Feuerwache”, the community center “Nachbarschaftsheim Wuppertal e.V.”, the local adult education center (VHS) and immigrant organizations. Since 2012, the Else Lasker comprehensive school has been supporting the work of the growing educational alliance. The University of Wuppertal is also cooperating with One Square Kilometer of Education Wuppertal.

What are the goals?

The objective of One Square Kilometer of Education Wuppertal is to increase the educational opportunities of children and adolescents in the Nordstadt quarter. For this purpose, a long-term chain of support extending from birth to the transition into working life is being built up.

What does One Square Kilometer of Education do?

  • It brings together the persons involved in the education of the children and encourages them to communicate with one another,
  • It determines where there is a need for supportive measures in the individual educational institutions or during transitions from one institution to the next,
  • It supports parents in the field of early assistance by working together with a family midwife,
  • It works together with the municipal day-care centers for children,
  • It continues the chain of support in elementary school, e.g. by implementing language promotion programs such as “Griffbereit” and “Rucksack”,
  • At the primary school level it responds to language skill tests held at the beginning of school by offering the language promotion program “Deutsch für den Schulstart”. In grades 3 and 4, it helps children with creative and integrative remedial language programs offered in addition to school instruction and it helps individual elementary school children who have trouble learning arithmetic,
  • It works together closely with the University of Wuppertal: students can gain language teaching skills in the seminar One Square Kilometer of Education, and then they can put these skills into practice in the integrative language promotion courses offered in grades 3 and 4. Furthermore, the educational biographies of a group of children from the Square Kilometer are studied within the scope of a long-term research project,
  • It offers further education and qualification seminars for teachers and parents; these are organized in close cooperation with local educational institutions. In 2011, for example, there were courses on such topics as language acquisition, linguistic competence diagnostics and instruction using scaffolding techniques,
  • It consults and supports teachers with respect to school development issues as well as teaching materials and learning programs, primarily regarding language promotion.

Who is financing One Square Kilometer of Education Wuppertal?

  • Freudenberg Foundation, Weinheim
  • City of Wuppertal
  • State of North Rhine-Westfalia

Why is the Freudenberg Foundation engaged in One Square Kilometer of Education Wuppertal?

With the intention of helping more children from low-income families in the Wuppertal-North district, an area with many children, successfully obtain a school-leaving certificate, the Freudenberg Foundation’s One Kilometer of Education starts as early as kindergarten. The foundation also helps the city of Wuppertal carry out this long-term project. The many years of experience gained in Wuppertal with the “Rucksack” and “Griffbereit” projects also are put to use in One Square Kilometer of Education.

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