Since the establishment of the Freudenberg Foundation in 1984, the integration of children and adolescents from immigrant families has been a central area of interest. The foundation has three objectives related to “integration society”. Firstly, the foundation would like to encourage programs that accompany children over an extended period of time and activate parents with the goal of helping children and adolescents with an immigrant background fully develop their potential in school and during vocational training. Secondly, it supports practical projects that systematically include the special qualifications of immigrants in schools, jobs, communities and the media so that the strengths of a culturally diverse society become normal, evident and usable. Thirdly, the foundation wants to promote the integrative power of communities and local civil society through model projects in municipal districts and communities so that children and adolescents from immigrant families do not feel like outsiders, can experience appreciation and gain hope for the future both in school and at home.