The Freudenberg Foundation has been concentrating on the following four program areas since 1984:

  1. The integration of migrants and cultural minorities in a society that has become an immigrant society as well as the hostile and discriminatory reactions with which they are confronted.
  2. The support of children and adolescents who, above all because of social deprivation, find it difficult to complete school and make it through the system of vocational training to gain vocational qualifications.
  3. The promotion of democratic culture, which is a prerequisite for peaceful coexistence in society. Here the focus is on supporting projects that encourage democratic learning and assumption of responsibility in schools and communities as well as fighting against extremist influences, above all right-wing extremism, that affect young people in their daily environment.
  4. The reintegration of mentally ill persons in the labor market as well as creating awareness of their specific problems and needs.

A special characteristic of the Freudenberg Foundation is that it provides support to the selected towns over an extended period of time.