Demo­cratic culture


The COMMUNITY art CENTER mannheim (CACM) is a center for dialog-driven, transformational art, which deploys art-based modes of campaigning for the open society and democratic culture.
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Maren Düsberg
Managing Director RAA Saxony
Cordula Eubel
Editorial Director
Dr. Cornelia Schu
Managing Director
Sandra Zentner
Managing Director
Benjamin Winkler
Project manager

Democratic Communities, Tuzla Community Foundation

The Democratic Communities project of the Tuzla Community Foundation (Bosnia) aims to combat disintegrative social processes by means of local participatory projects.
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Natalia Krasowska
Educational referent

Digital Awareness

In its "Digital Awareness" project, the Institute for Democracy and Civil Society Jena (IDZ) monitors German-language debates with a broad political impact in digital space. It uses the results to strengthen civil-societal organizations campaigning for diversity, equality and the rule of law.
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Dr. Eva Sturm
Association chairwoman
Social inclusion
Monika Münch
Sabine Michael
General Manager
Anika Noack
Director Pedagogic Workshop

km2 of Education in Berlin-Neukölln

After the program of One Square Kilometer of Education in Berlin-Neukölln had ended, the aim of the consolidation phase is to transfer essential elements of the educational network like the Pedagogic Workshop into the mainstream structures, so as to enable children and young people in socially disadvantaged environments to continue to achieve successful educational biographies.
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Eva Somrei
Director Pedagogic Workshop
Robert Kusche
Managing Director

Roma School Mediation, RAA Berlin

The Roma School Mediation in the districts of Berlin-Central, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Lichtenberg aims to build a bridge between teachers, parents and pupils, so as to improve the educational chances of children and young people with a Romno background.
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Jens Leschner
Deputy Managing Director
Dr. Claudia Seele
Project Manager

The Badische Bergstrasse Strong Pupils Foundation Initiative

The "Badische Bergstrasse Strong Pupils" Foundation Initiative (SISS) aims to help young people discover their talents and special interests, and gain more self-confidence and positive group experiences.
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Who we are
The Freudenberg Foundation was set up in 1984 by partners of the Freudenberg & Co. KG company as an independent, civil-societal organization tasked with fostering education and peaceful co-existence.

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