TRANSFORMATION IX in der Temporären Galerie

Die Temporäre Galerie, ein Projekt der Pädagogischen Werkstatt Berlin-Neukölln, öffnet vom 06. bis 16. Juni 2019 ihre Türen für die TRANSFORMATION IX. Schon zum neunten Mal haben Schüler*innen des Campus Rütli gemeinsam mit professionellen Kunstschaffenden eine Ausstellung zu Themen ihrer Lebenswelt erarbeitet.

Seit Januar dieses Jahres setzen sich die beteiligten...
Demo­cratic culture

#netzrevolte, Foundation for Learning through Civic Engagement

The #netzrevolte project aims to combine democratic with digital education in schools, and strengthen democratic action capacities and powers of judgment among children and young people on the net.
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Daniel Strauß
Simone Rafael
Chief Editor
Anna Stein
Project Manager
Anna Mauz
Research Assistant
Maren Düsberg
Managing Director RAA Saxony

Media Service Integration

The Media Service Integration is an information platform for journalists aimed at contributing towards academically substantiated coverage themed around the issues of migration and integration.
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Prof. Dr. Yasemin Karakaşoğlu

Pupils’ Firm Democracy

The democracy projects of the Weinheim Town Youth Council aim to communicate democratic capacities for action to adolescents, and encourage them to commit to diverse, democratic co-existence in an immigration society.
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Sandra Zentner
Managing Director
Social inclusion
Annamaria Papp-Derzsi
Coordinator (NRW) Rucksack School
Mirjam Zickerow-Grund
Director Pedagogic Workshop
Sema Aslan
Director Pedagogic Workshop

km2 of Education in Neubrandenburg

One Square Kilometer of Education in Neubrandenburg is a network of public and private-sector educational institutions, which enables children to achieve individually successful educational biographies, on the basis of local needs and with the Pedagogic Workshop as a nodal point.
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Eva Somrei
Director Pedagogic Workshop
Silvia Ploner
Curator Temporary Gallery

RAA Berlin

The Regional Center for Education, Integration and Democracy (RAA) Berlin develops and supports participation projects in schools, school environments and municipalities, so as to strengthen educational fairness and social participation.
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Zaklina Durmis
Jens Leschner
Deputy Managing Director

km2 of Education, Learning Platform

The Learning Platform of the One Square Kilometer of Education program supports nationwide networking and knowledge transfer between the staff of the Pedagogic Workshops and other vital partners at the program’s locations.
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Who we are
The Freudenberg Foundation was set up in 1984 by partners of the Freudenberg & Co. KG company as an independent, civil-societal organization tasked with fostering education and peaceful co-existence.

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