Demo­cratic culture


The COMMUNITY art CENTER mannheim (CACM) is a center for dialog-driven, transformational art, which deploys art-based modes of campaigning for the open society and democratic culture.
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Isidora Randjelović
Managing director
Dr. Cornelia Schu
Managing Director
Sandra Zentner
Managing Director
Benjamin Winkler
Project manager
Jasna Jašarević
Managing Director

timetrail I Urban.History & Remembrance

The timetrail I Urban.History & Remembrance project aims to develop innovative, sustainable formats for politico-historical and human-rights education for children and young people in Neubrandenburg.
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Fabian Klinker
Research referee

"Young People and Democracy" project study

The practically oriented study examines the questions of why so many young people in the USA are not consistent supporters of democracy and what possible approaches could be adopted to bring about a change in their attitude.
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Dr. Eva Sturm
Association chairwoman
Social inclusion
Monika Münch
Anika Noack
Director Pedagogic Workshop
Mia Zickerow-Grund
Director Pedagogic Workshop

km2 of Education in Wuppertal

One Square Kilometer of Education in Wuppertal is a network of public and private-sector educational institutions, which enables children to achieve individually successful educational biographies, on the basis of local needs and with the Pedagogic Workshop as a nodal point.
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Christian Utpatel
Managing Director
Christoph Engelbrecht

Rudolf Freudenberg Prize

Every year, the Rudolf Freudenberg Prize is awarded in recognition of innovative business ideas from inclusion-driven companies, so as to draw attention to the fact that the vocational inclusion of people with disabilities and mental illnesses is possible and harbors potentials and opportunities for employers as well.
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Edina Malkić
Zaklina Durmis

Living multilingualism!

The goal of the "Living multilingualism!" model project is to ensure that the Ready-to-Hand and Child Day Care Center Rucksack language-training and family education programs are being more widely adopted throughout Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.
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Who we are
The Freudenberg Foundation was set up in 1984 by partners of the Freudenberg & Co. KG company as an independent, civil-societal organization tasked with fostering education and peaceful co-existence.

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