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04 March

East Germany: Facing a summer of civil society

"What are the specific reasons behind the high level of support for right-wing extremism in East Germany?" The Freudenberg Foundation asked Prof. Matthias Quent, the founding director of the Institute for Democracy and Civil Society. His answer: East more
19 January

Climate change in the Horn of Africa - the forgotten crisis

The consequences of the climate crisis are now more than clear in the Horn of Africa. It has been the worst drought in 40 years for months. Women and children are suffering in particular. But the Western media hardly addresses the crisis.
The current drought in the Horn of Africa clearly shows: The climate crisis is not a crisis of the future but is already more
03 January

Democracy: At A Critical Historical Juncture

A generation ago, Francis Fukuyama declared the "end-point of mankind’s ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government." Fukuyama’s irrational exuberance over the triumph of democracy more
15 June

Ausgebrannt durch Engagement? Ein schriftlicher Dialog zwischen zwei Psychologists 4 Future

JS: Lieber Dominik, erst dieser Tage erreichte mich wieder die Anfrage eines jungen Aktivisten, der sich ausgebrannt fühlt. Die Generation, die heute um die 20 Jahre alt more
19 October

Conspiracy stories pose a challenge to society

Right from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, conspiracy stories and conspiracy theories have proliferated across our society. It seems that some people find a sort of guidance or strength in the idea that the pandemic is not a natural phenomenon or more
07 April

Social distancing – a critical look at the discriminatory context

At first glance, the virus renders all of us equal. Everyone can be infected and fall ill. The virus makes no distinction between rich and poor. It’s not interested in origins, skin color, gender identity, sexual orientation, nor in any forms of more
12 November

Speech by Prof. Dr. Lothar Ungerer, Mayor of Meerane, at the awards ceremony for the 2019 Saxon Democracy Prize

The municipalities, ladies and gentlemen, are the foundation of democratic political culture and in more
25 July

Inequities in private-school attendance are increasing – it’s worth taking a closer look!

Inequities in the utilization of educational options exist in numerous areas – they already begin with attendance at child day care facilities, the utilization of more
20 March

What can be done to combat anti-Semitism in schools?

No one is born anti-Semitic. The factors that during the course of socialization cause individual resentments to transmute into a coherent anti-Semitic worldview are many and varied. One thing, however, is clear: when anti-Semitism has coalesced into more
25 January

Effective altruism – doing good where it’s really needed?

Channeling donations and foundation funding to where the problems are greatest and the resources are most urgently needed – a beguiling thought? Funding and donations are provided on a voluntary basis, and in freedom, not out of duty – also a more
12 September

Normality shift

Normality is not a fixed concept, but is being altered faster than ever before by discussions, images, narratives, not least with the aid of social media. At present, we are experiencing in the discourse on refugees a discernible change in what is more
20 June

Deep Impact – effects in their wider context

“Impact” has in recent years advanced to a veritably magical term on the foundation and social entrepreneurship scene. The concomitant hope of being able to produce, evidence and communicate impact in projects corresponding to prior expectations more