Change Stories


15 February

"Something finally needs to happen here": How David sees Hoyerswerda's young generation

David Sujatta has firm roots in Hoyerswerda. He can't imagine leaving his town. He spent his childhood and teenage years there, his grandparents lived in a neighboring more
11 May

Engaged students, vigorous society: "service-learning" represents a great education opportunity for all

Service-learning (SL), aka Learning through Civic Engagement, is a teaching and learning concept that combines the social involvement of pupils with appropriate learning more
11 January

An expert on right-wing extremism, thanks to the CIVIS Media Prize: Interview with Bastian Wierzioch

His "Adrian Fischer: German – black – foreign" (MDR, 2004) magazine report won the CIVIS Radio Prize in 2005. The resulting attention made reporter, author and anchorman more
29 September

Dedicated to improving life for Kiseljak’s young people: a young Rom acts as role model

Many young people in Bosnia do not see a viable future for them. Voter turnout is low, emigrating to Western Europe often seems a very promising solution. The Roma more
18 June

A Syrian father alone in Fürstenwalde: support for parents and school in km2 of Education

Like many refugees from Syria, Ahmed Al-Ameri (name changed) arrived in Germany in 2015, initially accompanied only by his eldest son Tariq (name changed). The mother and more
25 May

"Harder than expected": Feeling at home in Germany with the Learning- Practice Workshop

Tesfaye M. (name changed) fled Eritrea for political reasons. In 2018, he arrives in Weinheim where his wife and daughter are already living. With assistance from the more